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CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  shanghai
  • Brand Name:  yuanchuanghange
  • Model Number:  YUANCHUANG

The steel truss structure of intersecting line cutting machine, oil pipe cutting machine and other cutting pipe welding field. Products include: CNC intersecting line cutting machine, large intersecting line cutting machine, portable intersecting line cutting machine, pipe cutting machine, pipe groove cutting machine, quadrate pipe cutting machine, tube shaped cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, 360 automatic cutting machine

With the development of offshore oil industry, Dezhou intersecting line cutting machine, processing of marine engineering structures built in the face of a large number of tubular, and large-scale pipe intersecting the offshore platform in the process of manufacturing cutting often meet welding structure and welding before the end of pipe intersecting line welding groove machining, intersecting line each point requires processing, so it is necessary to use the NC intersecting line cutting machine, intersecting line cutting machine, cutting machine and pipe pipe intersecting line, because the tubular diameter of different sizes, the intersecting angle is different, will lead to the intersecting line track, to achieve axial rotation, torch the axial movement and radial compensation movement, swinging to cutting in axial section.

  • Place of Origin:  shanghai
  • Brand Name:  yuanchuanghange
  • Model Number:  YUANCHUANG
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