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CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  shanghai
  • Brand Name:  yuanchuanghange
  • Model Number:  YC-21/400

YC-21/400 CNC flame / plasma cutting machine

Stool with the latest launch of our company's style, heavy rail; cantilever cutting models. Breakthrough in the past portable cutting machine decent shape design, simulation modeling of darts, bold use of multi line, multi slope of modern industrial design elements, highlighting the cutting products of the sense of the times and strong processing potential.

Adopts the structure of CNC machine center of gravity shift in design mode, and the width of the biaxial core guide rail frame is widened for 450mm, the portable cutting machine center of gravity shift phenomenon has been further improved.

The distinction between flame cutting and plasma cutting:

Flame type: low cost, high cost of production, the use of oxygen and acetylene, suitable for cutting thick board.

Plasma type: suitable for cutting a little thin board, fast, the price is slightly higher than the flame type, but lower than the laser. All kinds of irregular plasma cutting plate, cutting nozzle will automatically adjust the height of the slope is not afraid of meters.

This machine adopts Beijing Sida peak SF HC30 height controller, the control device, set the capacitance detection (flame automatic height adjustment), arc voltage detection (arc voltage automatic adjusting) stepper motor height control, high precision screw linear guide mechanical drive each part, to use one chip micro computer control, in cooperation with the function of automatic calibration, directly display the height of the cutting gun.

HC30 SF- automatic height adjustment device has a good hardware reliability. The shell is sealed and anti - interference - proof, waterproof and moisture proof aluminum box design, especially suitable for flame cutting, plasma cutting of high temperature, high electromagnetic interference of the harsh environment. Professional convenient control interface.

  • Place of Origin:  shanghai
  • Brand Name:  yuanchuanghange
  • Model Number:  YC-21/400
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